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  • High borosilicate glass
  • One glass bottle that have double lids
  • Consists of straw for drinking easily
  • Does not leak if tipped over
  • Pattern on the surface of the glass not easy faded 
  • Cute Sailor Moon design
  • It has 3 colors and 4 cute patterns of kitty ceramic mug to pick
  • It has special spoon that attacehd with adorable kitty paw.
  • Special design of cup handle which is very unique compared to other cup handle (little emoji and beautiful color on the handle) 
  • The gift box has handle too that can be carry anywhere and anytime.
  • Suitable for sending as a farewell gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift , wedding gift, etc
  • Beautiful and fashion horoscope design 
  • Easy and portable to bring out
  • Safe and odour free
  • Made of high quality borosilicate glass
  • Adorable and cute design of teddy bear key chain that wearing a bowtie
  • It has special unique crystal colour that is looking very pretty
  • Superhero wording on top of the strap keychain that is looking cool and awesome.
  • This keychain is suitable for daily use.
  • It is suitable for attached with home or car key.
  •  A perfect gift for your loved ones
  • Flap closure of this women crossbody bag is easy to access your essentials.
  • This korean style women bag allows us easy access to your phone, keys and all your accessories.
  • High quality of women's shoulder bag which is madeof 100% PU Leather that stands out for its excellent durability and luxurious feel.                                     
  • Inside of this women's shoulder bag has 2 interior slip pockets and 1 interior zipper pocket.
  • This fashion crossbody bag goes well in any occasion like party, wedding, dating, shopping, working, etc.
  • Large capacity ceramic mug (600ml) that able to take in high volume of water / drinks.
  • 4 types of cute emotion rabbit design for you to choose. (Clever/ Fricky/ Lovely/ Tender Rabbit)
  • The cover / lid of the mug is shining and also made of stainless steel which causing the cute rabbit mug to look premium and beautiful.
  • It has a cute rabbit ear shape design on mug handle.
  • The cute rabbit mug can make you feeling happy everyday and melt your heart because it is really 100% cute.
  • It is suitable to make coffee or tea.
  • Able to keep drinks hot for a longer period.
  • It is good to get two rabbit mugs as a couple gift.

  • Unique wording and creative design
  • Creative portable strap
  • Food Grade Silicone (non-toxic)
  • High borosilicate Glass
  • Durable and easy to wash
  • Customized glass body cover which is made of silicon
  • Heat insulating & anti-scalding
  • ABS lid which is safe to drink
  • Smooth surface lid of the glass bottle
  • Drink comfortably and protect our lips
  • Cute Hello Kitty gift set that is good for sending gifts to your friends
  • Super cute Hello Kitty carton on top of the stainless steel spoon
  • The cover of the mug has cute Hello Kitty design
  • Overall packing of the gift box is looking premium and lovely
  • Suitable for Hello Kitty lovers
  • This lunch box has safe food grade material which is made of PP food grade material and 304 stainless steel container that is absolutely safe for storing foods inside.
  • The bento box has 3 compartments that can keep foods fresh and separated. (Example: vegetables put in first compartment, meat put in second compartment, fruits put in third compartment)
  • The lunch box is easy to open and close as it has buckle design.
  • It has large capacity (1000ml) that can store a lof of food that is suitable and enough for our daily meal.
  • It has free tableware set (spoon & chopsticks). There is a special tableware storage design on the lid on top of the bento box which is very convenient.
  • The cultery box on top of the lunch box can be used as a smart phone holder that allow us to use our smart phone during meal time.
  • The bento box has leak-proof design. No foods or liquids will leak out of the bento box. There is built in sealing silicone ring in the lid.
  • Hot water (temperature around 70ºC) can add to the bottom basin of the lunch box that can provide heat preservation for our meal. 
  • The weight of the bento box is light which is portable and convenient to bring to school, picnics, work and other places.
  • Super adorable and cute cartoons are printed on top of the lunch box cover.
  • The cartoon lunch box has 2 compartments that can keep foods separated. Reasonable portion divider size can give a healthy and balance diet.
  • It has large capacity (700ml) that can contain more food and snacks which is okay for kids.
  • The lunch box is made of stainless steel which is safe and healthy to utilise.
  • There are 4 buckles around the lunch box which is easy and convenient to open and close.
  • The lunch box is including a small kids spoon.
  • It is suitable for picnics, camping, work, school and portable to bring it anywhere.
  • This mini galaxy glass ball is made of premium crystal material and it is transparent.
  • It is a best home decor and creative decorative lights (bedroom, living room, study room, etc)
  • Warm light from this beautiful mini LED crystal ball night lamp generate a romantic and comfortable environment for us at our bedroom.
  • Get rid of darkness in your bedroom by placing LED crystal ball night lamp at your bedside.
  • Suitable for stars, planets, universe and galaxy lovers.
  • This mini crystal ball LED night lamp is easy to use (connect the cable to any USB port to switch on the LED light)
  • Perfect surprise gifts for couples, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids and your loves one (Valentine Gift, Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift, Christmas Gift, etc)
  • Send your loves one with romantic universe and accompany them to sleep every night.
  • Different patterns of cute cartoon notebooks / notepads are super adorable.
  • High quality of 64K hardcover journal notebook.
  • Colorful cartoon printing sheets (All pages are printed with colours and cartoons)
  • Color edge design (we can see colorful cartoons at the side of the notebook)
  • Magnet closure that is safe, convenient and portable to use anywhere and anytime.
  • Bronzing craft technology on the hardcover that makes mini small notebook more beautiful and awesome.
  • It can be a favorable birthday gift, christmas gift, kindergarten gift and school gift to girls, children and kids.
  • It can used as notebook planner, diary book and journal book
  • The designs and patterns are very cute and beautiful on the diary notebook.
  • It has high quality of 64K PU leather cover journal notebook.
  • Awesome colorful cartoon printing sheets (All pages are printed with colours and cartoons)
  • Beautiful color edge design (we can see colorful cartoons at the side of the notebook compared to normal notebook)
  • This pretty PU Leather cover notebook can bring good mood when writing or drawing.
  • The cute notebook has magnet buckle closure that is very convenient and safe to bring out to school, work, travel, etc.
  • It is a perfect notebook as a gift to students, kids and children. (Birthday gift, a gift for back to school, Christmas gift, reward and motivation gifts , etc).
  • Cute design of cat, rabbit and white fashion on the ceramic bowl
  • Simple and goodlooking design
  • Big volume of bowl that suit for a person needs
  • Withstand high temperature
  • Anti-scalding lid



  • The rabbit soft plush toy is having long ear and long leg that is looking extremely cute.
  • The adorable rabbit soft plush toys are wearing skirt too.
  • Suitable for little girl kids as the bunny plush toys are wearing skirt (female gender).
  • It is very soft and comfortable as it is made of soft plush that is filling with PP cotton
  • Dedicated for rabbit lovers.
  • Can act as a gift for kids.