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  • Our Mashimaro soft plush toys are extremely cute as they are wearing colorful shirts and hats.
  • Cute Mashimaro logo design on the hat and candy design logo on the shirt that are looking very adorable.
  • It has rabbit ear on top of its head too.
  • Small size of Mashimaro soft plush toy (25cm long) is suitable for decoration / collection at car, home, bedroom and office.
  • The Mashimaro plush toy is filling with PP cotton material that makes us feel very soft and comfortable when we are hugging them.
  • Dedicated to Mashimaro and rabbit lovers.
  • Suitable for gift giving such as birthday gift, valentine gift, anniverysary gift, doorgift, etc.
  • It has a cute design of deer on the body of glass bottle and on top of the bottle has attached with cute deer horn (antlers) too.
  • Middle of the bottle cover has a yellowish silicone that can pull out and used as a bottle handle.
  • The gift box is very unique as the on top of the gift box has printed adorable unicorn image. 
  • This gift box set comes with pink unicorn gift bag which is perfect for sending as a gift to your loved ones.
  • Suitable for: Birthday gift, christmas gift, wedding gift, suprise gift, newborn baby gift, valentine gift, etc.
  • It is a very simple and warmed gift.
  • Suitable for pink lovers as the gift box is in pink color too.
  • Person who received this gift box will definitely be surprised and happy.
  • Cute little bear and little small fish cartoon on top of bento box cover.
  • Suitable for kids and students because the cartoon lunch box is very cute and adorable that able motivated them to bring along to school.
  • The kids bento box has 2 compartments that can keep foods separated. 
  • Kids and students can enjoy healthy and balanced diet as the their parents can prepare nutritious foods to them by using this bento box.
  • It has capacity of 750ml which is enough for kids and students to have their  daily meal.
  • This cute cartoon lunch box is consisting set of spoon, fork and chopsticks which is convenient for kids and students.
  • This lunch box has a light weight and easy to carry.
  • It has 3 compartments that can keep foods separated. 
  • The foods separated inside the bento box can give us a healthy and balanced diet.
  • It has large capacity (1000ml) that can contain more food inside.
  • The lunch box has cutlery storage that can use to put the chopstick and spoon inside the lunch box which is very convenient.
  • The lunch box is having a phone holder function that allows us to place our phone on top of the holder to watch movie, fb, news, etc.
  • The colour of this bento box is very stylish and beautiful that make us feeling good while using it to have our lunch, breakfast, etc
  • It is suitable for picnics, camping, work, school and portable to bring it anywhere.
  • Super adorable and cute cartoons are printed on top of the lunch box cover.
  • The cartoon lunch box has 2 compartments that can keep foods separated. Reasonable portion divider size can give a healthy and balance diet.
  • It has large capacity (700ml) that can contain more food and snacks which is okay for kids.
  • The lunch box is made of stainless steel which is safe and healthy to utilise.
  • There are 4 buckles around the lunch box which is easy and convenient to open and close.
  • The lunch box is including a small kids spoon.
  • It is suitable for picnics, camping, work, school and portable to bring it anywhere.
  • Cute cartoon design of Cinnamoroll and Mickey that is unique and adorable.
  • Zipper clossure of coin purse that is easy to open and close.
  • Function: Can be used keeping coin, cash, keys, lipstick, handphone cable, earphone, USB flash drive / pendrive and jewellery items such as, rings, earrings or other little items.
  • It is lightweight, portable and convenient for your easy storage and carrying.
  • Perfect for sending as a gift baby newborn, christmas gift, birthday gift, etc.
  • The gift set is using Nothern Europe design
  • The ceramic white mug has a beautiful deer hunter design.
  • Beautiful wording of love and the best for my love are printed on top of the white gift box that makes the person who received this gift set feeling warm and so sweet.
  • It has super creative design of wooden handle on top on the stainless steel spoon that perfectly matched with the  deer hunter ceramic mug
  • This beautiful white gift box mug set gives you sense of peace, calm and comfort feeling.
  • Suitable for deer lovers.
  •  Perfect for gift giving such as birthday gift, anniversary gift, couple gift, valentine gift, etc.
  • Suitable for break and tea time session by using this beautiful deer hunter ceramic mug and spoon to enjoy your meal and drink.
  • High absorption, soft and fast drying bath towel because it is made of high quality 100% pure cotton.
  • The size of this Vinition bath towel is large (68 cm x 137cm) therefore, it is very suitable for adult used.
  • We have used super fine cotton in making these bath towels so that you feel relaxed and refreshed after wrapping yourself in a soft, comfortable and absorbent towel after your shower.
  • Soft touch, skin friendly and comfortable.
  • These bath towels can be used perfectly for various purposes including salon, poolside, beach, spa, gym, etc.. These bathroom towels also provide us drying needs as we are using it daily at our bathroom to dry our body or wrap around our hair.
  • There are total 4 designs of 3D cute character cartoons (Melody, Hello Kitty, Donald Duck, Doraemon) attached in front of the pump bottle
  • The cartoon soap dispenser is designed easy pressing, durable and practical
  • This cute pump bottle can be used for foaming hand soaps, foam body shampoos, facial cleaner and compatible with wide range of foaming liquids.
  • This soap dispenser bottle has a capacity of 250ml / 450ml and cute, adorable, pretty design which is easy to match with any bathroom decoration.
  • The best gift for your loved ones. It is also perfect for sending as a christmas gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, valentine gift, etc.
  • Suitable for My Melody, Doraemon, Donald Duck and Hello Kitty lovers..
  • Cute design of Mickey Mouse Head and wording of " Wake Me Up For Food" are printed on the body of the insulated mug.
  • Good for storage of hot beverage such as coffee, tea and others.
  • Made of good quality stainless steel material. 
  • This Mickey Mouse Mug gives very good heat insulation.
  • Easy to wash.
  • It is designed for everyday using at home, in the office, etc.
  • Keeps your drink hot in Mickey Mouse insulated cup for up to 2 hours.
  • It has non slippery base at the bottom of the cup.
  • Suitable for mickey mouse lovers and sending as a gift to your lovers, friends, colleauge or family.
  • Cute Doraemon / Hello Kitty design is attached on the body of spray bottle.
  • The color of spray bottle ( blue / pink ) is very beautiful that matched the design of Doraemon and Hello Kitty.
  • The spray bottle has a portable pocket size which is very easy to carry, cleaning, travel, business trip, and bring them anywhere anytime. 
  • This refillable Doraemon / Hello Kitty mini spray bottle sprays a fine clear mist which is very suitable for daily use like sanitizer, disinfection, cosmetics makeup toner, air fresher, floral water, hand cleaning, home cleaning, door handle cleaning, mobile cleaning, plants watering, etc
  • It is also perfect for sending as a suprise gift to your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, family and friends.
  • Suitable for Doraemon and Hello Kitty lovers..
  • The spray bottle is washable and refillable
  • This rabbit doll has a chubby face that is looking absolutely cute and adorable
  • Our rabbit soft plush toy has 2 littlle cute flowers on its front body too.
  • This rabbit toy is a comfortable companion that having lovely design soft touch which can accompany you warmly. 
  • Our rabbit plush toy is made of soft and skin-friendly material and is filled with high-quality PP cotton.
  • Can use as home / car / room decoration and collection purpose.
  • Suitable for rabbit lovers.
  • This elephant soft plush toy comes with strap jumpsuit / shirt that is looking super cute and adorable.
  • Our elephant plush toy is very special and cute. It is very rare to be seen / found in the market.
  • This cute elephant plush toy has a love shape design engraves on its ear.
  • It has a very cute nose and its nose is facing upwards.
  • Our elephant toy doll has a mini and cute tail too.
  • The small size of elephant soft plush toy (25cm long) is suitable for kids too because it is portable and convenient to bring out.
  • Suitable for placing the elephant soft plush toy at car or at home.
  • It is a quality material. This elephant doll is made of quality plush and PP cotton material, which is safe, soft and comfortable that you can play / use it for a long time.
  • Super cute cartoon design of Shin Chan Cup that is super attracting.
  • It comes with a very beautiful and colorful Crayon Shin Chan cartoon box.
  • 7 different patterns of adorable Crayon Shin Chan Cup
  • This package is including the spoon too..
  • 100% recommended for Shin Chan lovers.
  • Suitable to take as collection and room decoration.
  • Suitable for kids and adults.
  • Doraemon embroidery design on the bath towel that is looking very cute and beautiful.
  • There are 4 beautiful and bright colors of Doraemon bath towels to pick.
  • The color and the Doraemon embroidery design on the towel can boost your mood and it is a perfect way start your day. 
  • Doraemon bath towel is made of 100% cotton material that quickly absorbs and wicks away excess moisture.
  • It is suitable for both adults and kids.
  • Light weight (around 230gram) so it is easy and convenient to bring for travel.
  • Doraemon embroidery bath towel is soft and gentle on skin.
  • It is easy to wash, soft and comfortable.