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  • Cute lovely fatty rabbit design that make people feeling comfortable and happy.
  •  Perfect for sending gift to your loved ones , family , friends and loved ones or own yourself.
  •  4 Bright colors (pink, blue, green, yellow) of the lovely rabbit mug that are looking amazing and pretty.
  •  Cute mini carrot is attached on top of the spoon. 
  •  Suitable for rabbit lovers
  • Interior Vacuum Flask Body Material: 304 Stainless Steel 
  • Exterior Vacuum Flask Body Material: 201 Stainless Steel
  • Double lock closure to prevent water leaking. First, press down on the cover of vacuum flask. Then, buckle up the lock on the vacuum flask for leak proof purpose. 
  • Cute Little Girls design on the body of vacuum flask that makes it looks amazing and beautiful
  • Convenient and portable to bring out anywhere.
  • Large capacity ceramic mug (600ml) that able to take in high volume of water / drinks.
  • 4 types of cute emotion rabbit design for you to choose. (Clever/ Fricky/ Lovely/ Tender Rabbit)
  • The cover / lid of the mug is shining and also made of stainless steel which causing the cute rabbit mug to look premium and beautiful.
  • It has a cute rabbit ear shape design on mug handle.
  • The cute rabbit mug can make you feeling happy everyday and melt your heart because it is really 100% cute.
  • It is suitable to make coffee or tea.
  • Able to keep drinks hot for a longer period.
  • It is good to get two rabbit mugs as a couple gift.

  • Adorable pink pawl attached on the top of the spoon
  • 4 unique cute design of pinky cat mug
  • Suitable for cat lovers
  • Suitable for pink color lovers
  • Pink color gift box set that makes people feel warm and joy.
  • Very suitable to take it as a gift as the pinky cat gift box mug is very cute and able to bring happiness to your love ones. 
  • Workmanship: burned under high temperature
  • Super cute polar bear design attached on the surface of ceramic mug.

  • It has unique shape of handle mug.

  • Polar bear paw is attached on top of the spoon which is looking extremely cute.

  • Suitable for polar bear lovers.

  • There are total of 4 colors of polar bear mug.
  • Perfect for sending gift as happy birthday, anniversary and wedding gift.
  • The design of the mug is using simple line graphic that makes the mug super unique and beautiful.
  • It comes with a set of ceramic mug, spoon, lid and gift box.
  • The unique spoon with a cute little star attached on top of the spoon
  • The appearance of gift box is super beautiful as the gift box design is colorful and with bright color that is looking very attractive.
  • 4 types of animal mugs for you to pick.
  • It is perfect for sending gift to your loved ones, family, friends and loved ones or ownyourself with this unique simple line cute animal design.
  • 4 cute variation of cat gift box just for you. 
  • Perfect for sending gift to your loved ones , family , friends and loved ones or own yourself with this unique design. 
  • Good quality of ceramic material that is durable 
  • Looks beautiful with premium white gift box
  • Suitable for cat lovers
  • High borosilicate glass
  • One glass bottle that have double lids
  • Consists of straw for drinking easily
  • Does not leak if tipped over
  • Pattern on the surface of the glass not easy faded 
  • Cute Sailor Moon design
  • Super cute blue whale soft plush toy
  • Super comfortable, soft and elastic
  • Suitable for whale lovers
  • Can be a good companion for you anytime and anywhere
  • 3 in 1 (Cushion, Pillow, Blanket)
  • Cute and simple animal design
  • Able to keep yourself warm
  • Side pocket for handwarmer
  • Invisibble zipper design
  • Blanket stored inside the cushion
  • Use it for napping anywhere and anytime
  • Beautiful design of diamond square shape in front of the shoulder bag
  • Removable Chain Strap
  • Suitable for school, travel, outdoor and other occasions
  • Fashionable design for all occasions
  • Super cute snoopy design on the vacuum insulated mug.
  • There are total of 7 cute patterns of snoopy to let you to pick.
  • Good for storage of hot beverage
  • Made of SUS 304 Stainless Steel
  • Super cute snoopy design on the vacuum insulated mug
  • Non slippery at the bottom of the cup
  • Super cute little bear key chain that is a good decoration for your car key, bag, airpods, etc.
  • This keychain is suitable for daily use
  • A perfect gift for your loved ones
  • Super cute Ryan and Apeach design from Kakao Friends on the glass bottle
  • It comes with a set of drinking straw that connected to the bottle cap
  • Can absorb greater heat water temperature
  • Made of high quality borosilicate glass that can last long
  • Convenient and easy to bring out anywhere



  • Stylish Daisy Flower Design on the glass drinking bottle
  • Fashion Korean frosted glass bottle that is very beautiful
  • Smooth round drinking surface
  • Comes with drinking straw
  • Transaprent  Body Glass