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  • This beautiful and elegant marble box is good to place gifts for your friends, family, couples, girl friend, boy friend or colleagues. 
  • Decorating with this beautiful marble box will add more beauty to your gifts and leave an good impression on your friends or your loved ones.
  • You can place any gift as you like into this beautiful empty gift box. (For example: We can store various items such as LED light, mug, raffia shredded paper, towels, artificial flowers, candles, watches, jewelry, candies, small clothing accessories, gift cards, homemade crafts, biscuits or cakes, etc) 
  • You can DIY your own gift box set. 
  • This luxury empty gift box is made of high quality hardboard (the box is thick), not easy to tear off and deform (changing in gift box shape).
  • You don't need to fold this box yourself because the empty marble box comes in fix shape. When you receive our empty marble box, you can straight away place any gift that you like into this empty marble box. It is easy and simple for you.
  • This marble gift box has a smooth surface and also provide you with a comfortable hand feeling
  • This empty marble gift box suitable to be a surprise box, brithday box, creative DIY gift box, Christmas Gift box, Ramadan gift box, farewell gift box, Valentine gift box and so on.
  • Best home decoration (bedroom, living room, study room, etc)
  • Get rid of darkness in your bedroom, no more lonely night for you. 
  • Warm light from Rattan Ball night lamp accompany you to sleep every night and have a sweet dream.
  • Rattan Ball night lamp can use to accompany you to work in order to reduce your stress on your work and create a comfortable environment for working.
  • Easy to use (connect the cable to any USB port to switch on the light)
  • It can be a very creative, suprise and special gift (Valentine Gift, Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift, Christmas Gift, Mother Day Gift, Raya Gift, Farewell Gift, Housewarming Gift and others) for your family, friends, colleauges and your loved ones. It is a very beautiful and romantic gift too.
  • Large capacity / high volume 1300ml of the water bottle (We need to drink a lot of water in order to prevent dehydration and body overheat as Malaysia has a very hot weather, large capacity of water bottle is very recommended for us to store a lot of water)
  • This water bottle looks small but it has large capacity (1300ml) which is suitable for girls / women to bring out.
  • This plastic water bottle is attached with strap and handle which is very convenient and portable for us to carry the water bottle to our work place and other places.
  • One button to open up the lid easily (Press on the "Open" button). 
  • BPA Free & Non-toxic. (odour free and healthy for your daily water drinking).
  • It has anti-leak design. (Water is not easy to leak out)
  • The design of the water bottle is simple and beautiful (modern and in trend design) that is suitable for most of the people.
  • Straw is included inside the water bottle that allow us to drink water easily and avoid us to choke on water.
  • It can send as a gift to your loves one too.
  • Cute rabbit and small rabbit cartoon on top of bento lunch box cover.
  • Kids, children or students love this adorable bento lunch box and they will bring them to school or kindergarten to enjoy their happy and healthy meal everyday.
  • Rabbit bento lunch box has 2 compartments that can keep foods separated.
  • Divided bento lunch box by 2 compartments that allow our kids, children or student to have 2 different foods in their meal which can help parents to pack a balanced lunch that covers all of the main food groups for them.
  • Inside rabbit bento lunch box: 1 x spoon , 1 x fork , 1 x chopsticks
  • Capacity of 750ml (Not too little, not too much, just right) for parents to pack suitable amount of foods to their children in this kids lunch box.
  • This cute cartoon lunch box is consisting set of spoon, fork and chopsticks which is convenient for kids and students.
  • The colour of this cute bento lunch box is dark pink which is suitable for little girl.
  • The bento box has a light weight (0.22kg) container that is  convenient and portable for kids and students transfer or bring food to school / kindergarten.
  • Super cute design of panda / hamster on the body of ceramic coffee cup.
  • Cute panda paw / hamster cartoon attached on top of the spoon.
  • The ceramic coffee mug comes together with lid and spoon which is very convenient for us.
  • It is a great gift (panda gift or hamster gift) to choose for someone that are important to you. 
  • Suitable events: Boy or girl birthday gift, farewell gift for colleague, anniversary gift for parents, wedding gift for couples, teacher day gift, mothers day gift, ramadhan gift and others.
  • Dedicated to all panda and hamster lovers.
  • Suitable to someone who like white coffee mug / cup.
  • Suitable for drinking tea, coffee, water, juice etc.
  • Absorbent power is very high [2 x effective than regular cotton]
  • Absorb water quickly [x2 times faster] compared to microfiber / 100% cotton bath towels
  • Fast drying bath towel, unlike other regular cotton towels
  • Large size of bath towel [68cm x 134cm]  (can cover and easily wrap it around your body)
  • Long fibre cotton material is super soft and comfortable. (Long fibre cotton has a smooth surface, making it gentle on the skin.)
  • Always soft and fluffy over time and provide a long lasting comfort and durability.
  • It is a very simple, small and cute gift
  • It is perfect for doorgift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, graduation gift, house warming, thank you gift and so on.
  • The decorative lights can be switched that make this gift even more beautiful and cute.
  • The DIY box is attached with string that can hand carry.
  • This Winnie The Pooh DIY box can meet all your requirements because you don’t have to look for other decorations to decorate it.
  • Dedicated for Winnie The Pooh lovers.
  • It can used to wash water bottle, mug, tea or coffee cup , glass, baby bottle and others.
  • It has light weight (around 12gram).
  • Portable and convenient to carry.
  • Brusher with handle that is easy for us to clean / wash bottle or cup.
  • Non toxic, safe and healthy to use.
  • Soft Sponge for cleaning.
  • Easy to store (can be hang up) after finish using the water bottle / cup brush.
  • Line Friends (Brown & Cony) are very cute and adorable.
  • Brown & Cony are wearing different kind of shirts ( hoodie / overall) which is very cute and special. 
  • Brown & Cony plush toy are soft, comfortable and slightly elastic.
  • LINE toys can be sending as a gift to your friends, couples, kids, children or family members.
  • They can be a good companion for you anytime and anywhere
  • Suitable for LINE friends lovers.
  • There are 4 emotions of  cutie face (smiling, laughing, kissing, yummy) of Doraemon soft plush toy for you to pick. 
  • The cute doraemon plush toy is wearing a hat with " ROCK " embroidery design. 
  • It is very soft, fluffy and comfortable to hug this doraemon doll.
  • The doraemon plushie has a cute little golden bell.
  • The doraemon soft plush toy has a "magical pocket" on its body.
  • Suitable for doraemon lovers.
  • The small size of doraemon plush toy is convenient and suitable to place at car, bedroom, rack for decoration purpose.
  • Can send it as a birthday gift to kids, children, girl friend, boy friend, etc.
  • This lunch box has safe food grade material which is made of PP food grade material and 304 stainless steel container that is absolutely safe for storing foods inside.
  • The bento box has 3 compartments that can keep foods fresh and separated. (Example: vegetables put in first compartment, meat put in second compartment, fruits put in third compartment)
  • The lunch box is easy to open and close as it has buckle design.
  • It has large capacity (1000ml) that can store a lof of food that is suitable and enough for our daily meal.
  • It has free tableware set (spoon & chopsticks). There is a special tableware storage design on the lid on top of the bento box which is very convenient.
  • The cultery box on top of the lunch box can be used as a smart phone holder that allow us to use our smart phone during meal time.
  • The bento box has leak-proof design. No foods or liquids will leak out of the bento box. There is built in sealing silicone ring in the lid.
  • Hot water (temperature around 70ºC) can add to the bottom basin of the lunch box that can provide heat preservation for our meal. 
  • The weight of the bento box is light which is portable and convenient to bring to school, picnics, work and other places.
  • Automatic open and close the umbrella in a second.
  • No need to struggle with closing umbrella when we are getting into our car during rainy day.
  • Open and close the umbrella with just only one button (pessing a button).
  • Black Vinyl Coating on the umbrella can reduce the heat temperature during sunny day.
  • UV Protection : 50 UPF+
  • Compact, lightweight, thin and portable umbrella that is convenient to carry when it is folded and able fit perfectly in our pockets and bags.
  • It has wind-resistant structure design
  • Variety of beautiful patterns of umbrellas that can send as a gift to your loves one, family and friends.
  • It can be our best partner for travelling.
  • For the variance of Astronaut Gift Box Set, it has a very beautiful and creative gift box. Colorful planet and astronaut are printed on the gift box. Besides that, it has a wording on "Take you to happy planet" printed on gift box too.
  • Astronaut Gift Box Set / normal set come with astronaut mug, spoon and lid.
  • The spoon is very cute as on top of the spoon is attached with cute 3D astronaut.
  • There are 4 different patterns of cute astronaut printed on body of white ceramic mug.
  • It is dedicated for astronaut and planet lover.
  • It is a very creative gift that suitabel to send as birthday gift, anniversary gift, christmas gift, celebration gift, surprise gift, etc to your loves one and family.
  • If you are looking something that is special, this is strongly recommended to you as this item can leave and stay fresh memories to your close ones or love ones.
  • It is a very cute lunch box that has cute rabbit and carrot on top of the lunch box cover.
  • It has meaningful and motivated words *Happiness Seems Far But Sometimes It is At Your Doorstep" printed on top of the lunch box cover.
  • The lunch box comes with spoon and fork.
  • The top of the lunch box cover has a space that can store the spoon and fork.
  • The cute rabbit lunch box cover can act as a phone holder that allows us to place our mobile phone on top of the holder to watch movie, fb, news, etc.
  • The side and corner of exterior lunch box has cute rabbit, carrot cartoon and motivated wording (Good Mood Everyday).
  • There are 4 buckles around the lunch box which is easy and convenient to open and close.
  • The cute lunch box can always to motivate us and bring us good mood when we are looking on the cute cartoon and printed motivated wordings on the lunch box.
  • It has large capacity (950ml) that can store food that is enough for our daily meal. 
  • It is suitable for students and kids and bringing to picnics, camping, school, etc.
  • It is portable and convenient to use.
  • The rabbit soft plush toy is having long ear and long leg that is looking extremely cute.
  • The adorable rabbit soft plush toys are wearing skirt too.
  • Suitable for little girl kids as the bunny plush toys are wearing skirt (female gender).
  • It is very soft and comfortable as it is made of soft plush that is filling with PP cotton
  • Dedicated for rabbit lovers.
  • Can act as a gift for kids.