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  • This rabbit doll has a chubby face that is looking absolutely cute and adorable
  • Our rabbit soft plush toy has 2 littlle cute flowers on its front body too.
  • This rabbit toy is a comfortable companion that having lovely design soft touch which can accompany you warmly. 
  • Our rabbit plush toy is made of soft and skin-friendly material and is filled with high-quality PP cotton.
  • Can use as home / car / room decoration and collection purpose.
  • Suitable for rabbit lovers.
  • This elephant soft plush toy comes with strap jumpsuit / shirt that is looking super cute and adorable.
  • Our elephant plush toy is very special and cute. It is very rare to be seen / found in the market.
  • This cute elephant plush toy has a love shape design engraves on its ear.
  • It has a very cute nose and its nose is facing upwards.
  • Our elephant toy doll has a mini and cute tail too.
  • The small size of elephant soft plush toy (25cm long) is suitable for kids too because it is portable and convenient to bring out.
  • Suitable for placing the elephant soft plush toy at car or at home.
  • It is a quality material. This elephant doll is made of quality plush and PP cotton material, which is safe, soft and comfortable that you can play / use it for a long time.
  • Super cute cartoon design of Shin Chan Cup that is super attracting.
  • It comes with a very beautiful and colorful Crayon Shin Chan cartoon box.
  • 7 different patterns of adorable Crayon Shin Chan Cup
  • This package is including the spoon too..
  • 100% recommended for Shin Chan lovers.
  • Suitable to take as collection and room decoration.
  • Suitable for kids and adults.
  • Doraemon embroidery design on the bath towel that is looking very cute and beautiful.
  • There are 4 beautiful and bright colors of Doraemon bath towels to pick.
  • The color and the Doraemon embroidery design on the towel can boost your mood and it is a perfect way start your day. 
  • Doraemon bath towel is made of 100% cotton material that quickly absorbs and wicks away excess moisture.
  • It is suitable for both adults and kids.
  • Light weight (around 230gram) so it is easy and convenient to bring for travel.
  • Doraemon embroidery bath towel is soft and gentle on skin.
  • It is easy to wash, soft and comfortable.
  • Made of pure 100% cotton which is very soft and comfortable
  • Hand towels ideal for a wide variety of uses such as bath, kitchen, workplace, exercise, sport or gym.
  • When you are washing dishes in the kitchen or drying your hands in the bathroom, at that moment, our hand towels are definitely suitable for you to use.
  • Small size plus light weight (around 53g) of hand towel is convenient and easy to bring out
  • Great absorbency
  • It is easy to wash and convenient to hang easily
  • 100% Brand new hand towels.
  • With 3 color options of hand towels, you able find a hand towel that perfectly matches any room’s décor.
  • The mug has cute cartoon animal and colorful design which is very cool and awesome.
  • Cute 3D cartoon animal (panda, monkey, cat, rabbit) attached on top of the spoon.
  • This cartoon animal coffee mug is the perfect way to start your day.
  • Suitable for drinking tea, coffee, water, etc.
  • Perfect gift for any occasion (example: House warming, birthdays, weddings, graduation / convocation, Mother's day, Father's day, Valentine's day)
  • Animal Style: rabbit, monkey, cat and panda. Great gift for animal lovers.
  • Great collectible item for cute animal lovers too.
  • The gift box set comes with ceramic mug, lid, spoon and gift bag.
  • The mug is made of high quality ceramic. Our ceramic coffee mugs was decorated with cute animal cartoon patterns and white lid.
  • It is suitable for anniversary, birthday, graduation, collection, girlfriend and boyfriend, students, colleagues, family, parents and grandparents, holiday present, halloween, Christmas gifts.
  • This gift box set can bring surprise to the one who receive this gift box set. 
  • The mug has multipurpose use such as coffee mug or tea cup.
  • This cute animal cartoon mugs can give you a pleasant afternoon tea time.
  • Suitable for animal lovers.
  • It is a great gift to choose. Best choice for birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, as a gift to your friends, and family.
  • Cute Doraemon/ Hello Kitty cartoon attached on top of the spoon.
  • Dedicated to all Doraemon and Hello Kitty Lovers.
  • Suitable for drinking tea, coffee, water, etc.
  • 100% Brand new and good quality
  • The gift box set comes with very cute and unique shape of ceramic cup.
  • There are 3 adorable pattern designs on ceramic cup. (Japanese Strawberry, Pineapple Little Bear, Strawberry Rabbit)
  • Straw is made of glass material.
  • Suitable to sending for birthday gift, anniversary gift, wedding present, festival present, christmas souvenir, etc to your loves one.
  • Perfect for pink color lovers because the gift box is in pink color.
  • Pink color gift box set that makes people feel warm and joy.
  • This cute and adorable ceramic cup able to remind people to drink more water everyday
  • The ceramic cup has a large capacity of 500ml.
  • Ceramic cup is attached with silicone lid on top.
  • Square shape gift box is attached with red ribbon and placing Doraemon embroidery kids bath towel inside are totally perfect match, cute and beautiful.
  • Dedicated to Doraemon fans and lovers.
  • The Doraemon bath towel is incredibly soft, comfortable and gentle to human skin.
  • Definitely a great gift for sending as a birthday gift, newborn gift, wedding gift, etc.
  • There are 3 stunning and beautiful colors of Doraemon bath towel which are light green, light yellow, light pink.
  • It has good water absorption function.
  • Doraemon kids bath towels has a light weight that are easy and comfortable to use.
  • Doraemon embroidery bath towel is suitable for babies, kids and newborn used
  • Doreamon hand towel gift box it is suitable for doorgift as the gift box size is small, cute and convenient to bring along.
  • Doraemon embroidery design on the hand towel makes the hand towel looking cute and beautiful.
  • Simple gift that suitable for everyone.
  • Perfect gift for Doraemon lovers.
  • Quality that you can trust.
  • Doraemon hand towel has good aboserbency and easy drying.
  • Perfect gift for any occasion
  • The bath towel has adorable embroidery Doraemon design on the bath towel.
  • Doraemon bath towel gift set is suitable for all Doraemon Lovers.
  • Suitable to sending gift to your loves one, friends and family
  • High quality of Doraemon bath towel as It's soft feeling, lightness, absorbency and easy drying features.
  • Doraemon bath towel can be used by adults or kids.
  • The face towels are extremely cute and beautiful as it have Doraemon embroidery design on the face towels.
  • Dedicated to all Doraemon Lovers.
  • The size and premium looking of Doraemon face towel gift box is perfect for gift giving.

  • 4 different stunning and beautiful colours of doraemon face towels that cause the gift box set looks amazing and awesome that is suitable to sending as a gift to others.
  • Perfect sending as a birthday gift, wedding gift, anniversary gift, etc with this cute doraemon face towels gift box set.
  • It can be a suprise gift too.
  • The Doraemon face towel is woven from 100% pure cotton, it is very soft, breathable and  skin-friendly.
  • Doraemon face towel has water absorption.
  • It also suitable for babies, kids and newborn used.
  • It is good to stand high temperature of the cup with hot liquid.
  • Protect table surfaces from hot and cold drinks
  • The cup coaster has heat insulation and antislip function
  • The cup mat is made from durable material which is durable and soft.
  • Super cute coaster that makes drink a little bit more fun.
  • The cup coaster suitable for most mugs or cups.
  • High absorption and fast drying bath towel
  • Our large size bath towel that can provide optimal coverage for your body and absorbency.
  • Trendy colors and variety of colors of bath towels that can match your bathroom decor.
  • Exquisite workmanship and high quality, hem by fine thread & needle for extra durability
  • Comfortable and relaxing experience with our large bath towel as the bath the towel is made from 100% cotton material and possess breathable characteristics that is suitable for your hands and body.